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You will be able to view the agenda to each board meeting no less than 24 hours before the scheduled date.  The agenda will be posted below, as well as on the calendar, Facebook (@kcwcd), and Twitter (@kcwcd). To view the board meeting minutes, please visit the Utah Public Notice Website. We are located under Special Districts>Kane County Water Conservancy District> Kane County Board of Trustees.

If there is a change in the time and/or location of the monthly meetings, a notice of the changes will be posted at the Kane County Courthouse and/or the KCWCD website ( at least 24 hours prior to each scheduled meeting. An agenda for each monthly meeting will also be posted at the Kane County Courthouse at least 24 hours before the regularly scheduled meeting. Please also check our website for meeting agendas. The time listed for each item on the agenda is approximate and could be delayed or may be accelerated as time permits.

Those planning to attend a meeting who require special assistance due to a disability may contact the KCWCD 24 hours in advance of the meeting and we will try to provide whatever assistance may be required. If you want to be on the agenda for one of the monthly meetings, please contact the KCWCD at (435) 644-3997 at least 10 days prior to the date of the meeting. You can also contact our office by fax at (435) 644-8679 or via e-mail at

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) for the Duck Creek Area and Johnson Canyon Area are listed at the bottom of this page.


January 2023 Agenda

February 2023 Agenda

March 2023 Agenda


January 2022 Agenda

February 2022 Agenda

March 2022 Agenda 

April 2022 Agenda

May 2022 Agenda

May 2022 Special Board Meeting

May 2022 Special Board Meeting Local Building Authority

June 2022 Agenda

July 2022 Agenda

August 2022 Agenda

September 2022 Agenda

October 2022 Agenda

November 2022 Agenda

November 2022 Local Building Authority Agenda

December 2022 Agenda

December 2022 Local Building Authority Agenda


January 2021 Agenda

February 2021 Agenda

March 2021 Agenda

April 2021 Agenda

May 2021 Agenda

June 2021 Agenda

July 2021 Agenda

August 2021 Agenda

September 2021 Agenda

October 2021 Agenda

November 2021 Agenda

December 2021 Agenda


January 2020 Agenda

February 2020 Agenda

March 2020 Agenda

April 2020 Agenda

May 2020 Agenda

June 2020 Agenda

July 2020 Agenda

August 2020 Agenda

September 2020 Agenda

October 2020 Agenda

November 2020 Agenda


January 2019 Agenda

April 2019 Agenda

May 2019 Agenda

June 2019 Agenda

July 2019 Agenda

September 2019 Agenda

October Agenda 2019

December 2019 Agenda



Every Community Water System is required to provide a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This is because of the 1996 amendment to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The CCR is an annual report on the quality of the drinking water. It is required that the CCR is distributed and available for all customers and consumers to view. The CCR shows whether there are contaminants or not and how those different things in their drinking water may affect their health. This helps the consumers make informed choices about the water they drink. To view the CCR for your water system, find the correct sub-division below and click on the link.



In the above tables you will find many terms and abbreviations you might not be familiar
with. To help you better understand these terms we’ve provided the following definitions:


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State Audit Report 2022

Office of the State Auditor Report 2022