Johnson Canyon/E. Kane

For an application for water utility service in Johnson Canyon or East of Kanab click the first link below. For an application for water utility service in New Paria or Clark bench select the second link. If you wish to set up autopay click the third link and return completed form to KCWCD.

You can return the completed forms to [email protected] or mail it to us at 725 E. Kaneplex Dr. Kanab, UT 84741

Johnson Canyon Water Application (Johnson Canyon/ East Kanab)

Eastern Kane County Water Application (New Paria or Clark Bench)

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For an application for wholesale water (renting a hydrant meter) click the link below.

Wholesale Water Use Application

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Other important information:

The Johnson Canyon (JC) area,east of Kanab, Utah, until recently, has been a sparsely populated area, mostly home to ranging cattle herds and trophy deer. But that quickly changed with an uptick in the economy 10 years ago and now there are over 400 new homes in the area. Two developers organized private water companies – their wells produced very poor quality water due to high total dissolved solids. Also, the systems were developed with limited storage capacity and lacked fire flow. In 1998, DEQ placed a two-year deadline in which to upgrade the JC system or face shutdown. Manufacturing plant, Stampin’ Up, set up business in 1997, but it wasn’t long until they discovered they had water supply issues. Many private wells were drilled. KCWCD embarked on its fi rst major project by drilling a well in the Lambs Point Tongue aquifer and constructing a new storage tank that could supply residents and Stampin’ Up! with good quality water and ample fire flow pressure

Phase I
In 1999, with the help of the Division of Drinking Water, KCWCD was able to drill a well and construct a new water distribution system to serve residents of Canyon Country, Johnson Canyon, and meet Stampin’ Up! Manufacturing facility needs.

Phase II
The district extended its Johnson Canyon (JC) pipeline to the west along highway 89 to the Vermilion Cliffs subdivision. A second well was drilled in JC to insure system redundancy. The district tied the new pipeline into Vermillion Cliff’s existing 250,000 gallon storage tank. The new system currently serves 300 customers.

Phase III
The District continued to extend its JC pipeline west serving the Lost Springs subdivision and an additional 2 miles along highway 89 connecting to Kanab City’s main water line. Both KCWCD and Kanab City now have a backup water supply. Water can now be delivered to either entity from wells east or north of Kanab that draw water from different aquifers.

Phase IV
A new well was drilled in 2012 on the Grand Staircase National Monument (GSENM) about 10 miles up Johnson Canyon. This well is expected to reach into the Navajo Sandstone where water has been purified through miles of sandstone. The new well will provide water for the upper Johnson Canyon area. The District also plans to construct a 250,000 gallon tank which will help pressurize the upper zone and also increase storage capacity.

Growth continues in the Johnson Canyon area as another 600 ft. of main line has been added along with four new customer services. The area is being developed and KCWCD would take over those water services and manage the water.