Conserving and Renewing our Natural Resources

Protecting and preserving Kane County’s water supply is critical to our economy, the environment, and human health.  Kane County Water Conservancy District has developed a conservation plan, consistent with the Utah Water Conservation Plan Act, which can be found here.

In 2005, KCWCD helped construct a 24-inch pressurized irrigation system for the Orderville Irrigation Company, and uses it to divert water during winter months to generate electricity. Kane County Water Conservancy District can produce up to 1 million Kilowatts of green electrical power through this hydroelectric turbine.

Kane County Water Conservancy District places a high value on the important role that each of its customers has in conserving water.  By each individual conserving just a little, water and energy are preserved.  Using water efficiently now will help ensure water supplies for our children in the future.

To better facilitate the conservation plan, KCWCD has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program WaterSense.  WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by EPA to promote water-efficient products and practices across the country.  Look for the WaterSense label to easily find products and services that save water while ensuring performance.

Be Lean And Keep it Green! Do the little things to save water, like watering your lawn in the morning when it’s cool. For more ideas on ways to conserve water Click Here. Kane County’s climate and fertile soil helps make it a premier place for growing gardens and enjoying the outdoors.  We want to help our customers preserve their way of life while maintaing our water resources.  Living in a desert doesn’t make this any easier, but KCWCD has several tips to help customers preserve the natural resource as well as preserve their way of life.