Mike Noel – Executive Director  

Michael Noel has been instrumental in guiding KCWCD through a tremendous expansion period. Mike, as Executive Director and General Manager, has managed the District and been the visionary and driving force behind obtaining the funding needed to purchase water rights and construct state-of-the-art water systems through Kane County.

Executive Director’s Message

When I started as the Executive Director and General Manager of the Kane County Water Conservancy District, I could have never predicted what we would have accomplished over the next 25 years and as an organization, we are just getting started! In our beautiful desert, conserving water is essential. When we do it responsibly, conserving water ensures that Kane County can maintain its rural way of life. A life that promotes strong families, healthy communities, and vibrant economies.

We work hard at KCWCD to make sure that Kane County’s water needs are met today and long into the future. With these water conserving measures, Kane County will have water for many, many years to come. Our hope, which our goals and plans reflect, is that each citizen of Kane County can enjoy fruitful, responsible water use and that each visitor can be enriched because of that responsible use. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.


Board of Trustees



Ben Clarkson- Chairman



Mckay Chamberlain- Treasurer





Michael East



Jon Lee

Sevier & Virgin River, Cedar Mountain




Ferril Heaton



Clay Hansen

Long Valley




David Schmuker

Eastern Kane County





The Staff

Office Staff


Jennifer Stewart 

Executive Secretary 


Amanda Buhler

Office Manager






Katy Ballard

Billing Clerk







Water Operators


Mark Fisher

Johnson Canyon 

Operations Manager



Roger Williams

Johnson Canyon

Water Master/Irrigation Operator



Mike Hornak

Duck Creek

Operations Manager



Greg Edwards

Duck Creek

Water Master



Seth Giddings

Jackson Flat Reservoir

Water Master



Alex Jiminez

Duck Creek

Water Master